Doing so is how you build mutual respect.

Are you afraid to set boundaries with the strong-minded people in your life?

Strong-minded people meaning those who are assertive, know who they are, what they want, and who are maybe a little intimidating, however really do love and care for you.

Having boundaries with these kinds of people in your life is self-honoring, self-respecting, and very healthy for the overall relationship.

As a matter of fact, these specific people are dying for you to raise your standards, speak up more, and have a personal opinion that you’re not afraid to share.

They want a healthy relationship with you, but…

You’re not as important as you think; let this be freeing.

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to stop obsessing, overthinking, and stressing about every word you say and decision you make?

Imagine how free you’d feel if you trusted yourself, knew your worth and value, and didn’t need other people’s approval.

How would you start living life differently?

Most people are walking around living as if they’re coming back. Settling for less than they want, playing it safe, and making sure they’re not rocking the boat because they fear upsetting someone and are terrified of making a mistake.

Is this really how you want to keep spending your time?

Here’s the deal…

Time alone helps you build a healthy relationship with yourself (if you’re intentional about it.)

It wasn’t until I learned how to enjoy my own company that I began to feel enough content and fulfilled in my life.

Too many people (women especially) are running from themselves; feelings of discomfort, loneliness, and other big thoughts and feelings that they insist on being with and observing.

Not judging here, just stating the truth, and truth that I know can be hard to hear and acknowledge.

However, continuing to avoid and run from uncomfortable feelings will only hurt more in the long run. Wherever you go, there you are.

Excessive vacationing, partying night after night on the…

Stop overthinking and second-guessing; instead, heal and get empowered.

Most of us overthink almost everything we do and say each day because we are terrified of judgment, criticism, and “not fitting in.” I totally get this and understand the feelings and fears behind it. The thought of being abandoned or outcasted from your family and friend tribe can feel debilitating.

But, doesn’t it also feel debilitating and like an early death sentence pretending to be someone you’re not for other’s approval, acceptance, and attention?

For me, it sure felt that way. And that’s what led me to hit my rock bottom six and half years ago at the ripe…

Start small, and simply repeat.

I believe one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have, is the one with yourself, period. If you don’t like, respect, and trust yourself, it’ll be tough to trust others and life.

Most of our distrusting feelings stem from childhood. Someone prominent in your life, either a parent, teacher, or friend, let you down, betrayed you, disappointed you, or were really good at over-promising and never delivering. Just speaking from personal experience here, and I’m sure you can relate.

Your responsibility now as an adult is to heal these betrayal wounds. You do this by taking the time to…

You’re gonna have to put yourself out there, sista.

Welcome back to reading the sequel from part one of “How You Know It’s Time to Meet & Make New Girlfriends.” I feel I might have left you hanging a bit in this last article, which is why I wanted to write part two about where to meet and make new like-minded girlfriends.

Let’s jump right in!

Meetup Groups, in my opinion, is one of the absolute best places to meet new like-minded women locally in your neck of the woods. I swear by it because that’s where I’ve met three of my closest girlfriends that I have today.

Six years…

You deserve a mutually beneficial friendship, don’t settle for anything less.

It can be challenging and scary meeting new women and trying to make new girlfriends in adulthood, especially if you’ve been hurt before in friendship.

Let’s be very real here. Many women have trouble trusting other women. A fair amount of us were either bullied in school growing up by other girls or were maybe dumped by our best friend because someone else cooler came along.

This sort of thing is heartbreaking, even traumatic for some. Yes, as we grow older and become adults, we need to move on. …

Traditional schooling doesn’t prepare you for real-life.

Real-life learning comes after school, not in it. You’ll never be done learning, growing, and evolving, ever! This is good news because now you can go ahead and remove all those blocks and limitations that you’ve put on yourself and have allowed others to put on you as well.

It’s fascinating to me how many people don’t open up another book, take more classes or courses, or invest in advanced skill development after graduating college.

Traditional schooling is just that, a tradition. It’s not something that prepares most people for real life, such as adversity, failure, how to manage your…

A metaphor of the weeping willow tree and life.

This short story metaphor is a tribute to a fellow Medium writer, Rabia Akram, and her publication.

Although I don’t personally know you, Rabia, I’ve read some of your stories and feel you’re a lovely soul, which is why I wanted to contribute to your new publication, Tree Stories.

The spiritual symbolism behind the weeping willow tree is a profound one that every human can relate to.

I wonder if that’s why maybe I’ve been fascinated with this tree on a soul level ever since I was a little girl.

“The leaves represent the balance, harmony, and growth we experience…

Getting high on your own supply can be just as good.

Two days before last year’s Thanksgiving, I made the declaration to quit alcohol and coffee immediately and for all of 2020.

My fiancé and I were traveling back home from India, and while en route, I began experiencing some pretty harsh flu symptoms. This was a very uncomfortable 48 hours for me in mid-air. Never had I felt so horrible before in my life. And so this was enough for me to completely declare banning alcohol (and coffee) for an entire year.

I’ll admit, though, that sticking to my commitment of no alcohol after a few weeks of feeling better…

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